From Bridge to Bridge


This is a 19th century bridge over the Glore river. Every morning, with my dog , I walk by the river and around the circular path of the Glore park. I watch the early morning light under the bridge and what is framed by that arch on that day. Sometimes it is heavy rising mist, dense fog, pelting rain, sunlit reeds or grazing cows. The sounds vary from rushing rapids to a soft bubbling.That first deep breath of fresh country air revives me and puts me right again. If I am feeling strong and it is not too rainy I do the salute to the 4 elements and directions found in primordial, elemental tai chi . Since I have been in a recovery mode from chemotherapy due to stage IIIb colon cancer it is more difficult than usual to get up and go to the river park. My little dog, waits patiently while I pull myself from the haze of sleep, do a yoga roll up and out till my feet touch the floor and stumble along looking forward to turning on the heater in the bath. I still seem very sensitive to cold which is a result of the chemotherapy and a lifelong depression facing the day.I have never been happy in the morning before rising. Once up,it all seems a blessing but rising has never been easy. This last month I have improved some on my morning walk and with my little collie I been able to also walk down to the next bridge in the afternoon. In Ireland, in the winter, it is usually raining in the afternoon but I have decided it is good for my complexion.The Glore river runs under several bridges on its way to the Moy. It is part of the appeal of where I live in Mayo that it is very rural and along the hedgerows are cows, horses,and fields full of buttercups in the summer. Even in the winter it stays green. I hope ,in the summer, I will be able to walk to the nearby Cill Aodain cemetary church site from the 12th century. My progress is slow . It helps to think of getting from one bridge to the other.