Beach , Sun and Sea

ocean floor
I find myself remembering walking on beaches , in Florida, California, Mexico, and Ireland. I am yearning for the sun and
the sound of waves. We had a few nice days here. The yearning for the Summer months began. This photo is the floor of a sculpture called Shipwreck-Sunken Treasure.It is an environmental piece about the Sea and how the creatures in it create homes of almost anything floating down. It is about re-cycling our treasure and about loss and transformation. The sunken ribs of the ship( not shown) are interwoven with copper sea weed, and pieces of jewelry that were once treasured by me. The net is a beaded crochet square made by a friend who is a glass artist. It is a kind of reliquary or timeline of lost items. Some pieces I cast myself in silver and some are made with applied and fused enamel. There is a diary with it . A book about each item , where it came from and what it meant to me. Each one is sacrificed to the sea. It took me three years to complete it. Its most important resident is a hand made clay mer woman in the bow of the ship, resting on the floor you see here. She rises like a masthead. More about her later. The sea is calling.

This is one I wrote a while ago and I  found in Drafts, since then I have spent a weeks holiday in Lanzarote, Spain swimming in the sea and watching the waves make designs on a volcanic beach.


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