Why the cobweb? For me the cobweb is like a symbol of a mandala. All the strands of the cobweb lead to the centre. Things I have done in my life are intersecting and crossing and shooting to the end. For me the end is the centre. I want to talk about my art, my thoughts, my studies, my healing, my family and my love of nature . The cosmos is for me a new integration of world events. I am beginning to thinks cosmically which has been a big help in getting over the effects of cancer and chemotherapy. The Hopi Indians in Arizona, where I used to live, have a myth about Spider Woman who watches and weaves her web in the heavens. I like to think about spider woman and sometimes take on her identity in my art.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Mary Sanderz says:

    Hi Sally,
    Thought I’d try and reconnect. I am back in usa and have ovarian cancer. One chemo down 5to go.

    • riverart2013 says:

      Hi Mary, what a blessing, to find you again.I think about you so much. We lost contact and then I could not find you. I am so sorry to hear about your cancer. We will definitely have to share our experiences. I will copy down your e-mail and send you more news. Thank you so much dear friend for finding me again.I still have my dog. Remember when she got in the bus with you when you had to leave?
      Love, Sally

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