Childrens Art

 painted princessesChildren love to draw. It is one ot their first modes of expression. The best way to help them is to provide paper and pencils. Markers are a neat and colourful tool to encourage them. Messy is ok. It is best not to draw for them or ask them to copy something . Children have a developmental sequence of creating their own schema. To interrupt this schema with our preconceived formulas for things will inhibit their imagination and their adjustment to their world. It is important to just let them go. Asking them questions about what they are doing or dialoging with them is very good. Let them describe their drawing. They will readily share their process. When I was studying Art Education at a University in the U. S. this was the most important thing I learned. I believe and trust that all children have their own unique process .
Most people love children’s art,that is why there are so many children’s art contests. Children have an innocence and a way of going to the truth of things. I think all children deserve a prize if they have worked hard on their picture. They deserve as much time and stimulation as they can get to make their art.
I am not entirely in favor of art contests but I love to see children’s art displayed. Remember, that with any kind of contest it is important for the parent or the teacher to explain to them that everyone’s art is good and deserving of a prize. It is the effort that counts. This is a lesson for all of life.
I used to love to read to my classes and then they would draw or paint their favorite picture from the book. Listening to music and then painting with colour is a wonderful motivation. Drawing also helps to process grief and loss. More time should go into the motivation than the instruction. Helping children develop their art making abiltiy is a wonderful gift. Encourage them as much as you can. In subsequent blogs I will give some examples of fun motivations. There will be some tried and true stimulating approaches to broaden the child’s experience of art materials.