Summer is finally here

I saw my first wisteria flower blooming today. I have not written anything since March. it was a cold Spring and because the chemo therapy left me with a sensitivity to cold I just withdrew and huddled with my sketch book trying to do one free form sacred art mandala a day. I have always resisted symmetry because I like the freedom of not matching one side to the other. I have surprised myself with the result of taking one or two shapes like a crescent or a triangle and adding to them while flowing outward from the center. I am now finally back in my welding studio and have laid out a new wall sculpture with elements of a more geometric approach. It is called Origins and it will probably be the last in the series of work using the river fossils. Who knows really what will evolve later on in the season.The chi gong classes have started up again here at the Mill and there will be a Summer Solstice workshop and a Summer two day retreat on July 20th and 21st that will also have a sacred site tour on the last day. I won’t add a photo today because it takes so long to load them onto the post.